About Talty Court Reporters in San Jose

Talty Court Reporters was founded in 1964 by William Talty. Within a few years, he gained a reputation among attorneys in San Jose for his integrity, friendliness and commitment to quality. Despite his passing away in 1993, the Talty name continues to be recognized among local judges and law firms.

The current owner, Josie Amant, joined in 1976 and took ownership in 2002. She kept the name and continues to uphold the Talty legacy.

Today, Talty Court Reporters is the largest independently owned and operated and most experienced agency in Silicon Valley. We’ve maintained Talty’s original small town friendliness while added the full service of the 21st century. Our team of seasoned court reporters and state-of-the-art conference rooms has expanded from California to major metropolitan areas throughout the U.S.

For any of your court reporting or litigation service needs, contact us today.