What Is the Role of Technology in Depositions?

Many legal matters are handled outside of the courtroom, including depositions. Technological solutions have made it more convenient than ever to depose a witness, whether that person lives down the street from the lawyer’s Depositions San Jose office or on the other side of the world. When arranging a legal deposition in San Jose, it’s a given that attorneys require the services of a court reporter to create official transcripts. However, they may also need other deposition services such as teleconferencing, which facilitates connections to witnesses regardless of their location.

An even more desirable situation involves setting up a videoconference with the witness and other parties. With live video and audio, real-time transcripts may be available. Plus, an attorney can easily refer back to the video when preparing for a court appearance. The video footage can be annotated and indexed, and it is readily searchable. This provides attorneys with a great deal of flexibility when it’s time to assemble their trial presentations.

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