• The Cost-Saving Benefits of Teleconference

    Travel is often seen as an inevitable hassle in the legal field. Witnesses, defendants, and other parties do not always live conveniently close in proximity. But before you make your next airline reservation, consider speaking with a court reporting agency in San Jose about teleconference equipment. You can arrange remote deposition services that include teleconferencing, which will allow you to depose witnesses from the comfort of your home town. Depending on your typical frequency of travel, you could save thousands each year by teleconferencing instead of traveling.

    Of course, arranging for deposition services that include teleconferences will save you the cost of the plane ticket, but you’ll save in other ways as well. You won’t have to rent a car at your destination and you won’t have to book a hotel room. You’ll also save on the cost of dining out. Teleconferencing can even be cost-effective if you previously intended to drive to your destination instead of flying there. By hosting a teleconference, you won’t be putting extra miles on your car and shelling out cash for fuel.

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  • Should You Rent a Conference Room for Your Deposition?

    Legal depositions are a significant milestone on the road to a trial. Although your witness preparations and question development are certainly crucial, it’s also important to consider the setting of the deposition. It’s advisable to consult a court reporting agency in San Jose that offers deposition services such as conference rentals. There are several compelling reasons to consider renting a conference room for your next deposition. conference - room


    Confidentiality is king in the legal field. In a busy office or similar setting, there simply isn’t enough privacy to conduct a legal deposition properly. The lack of privacy might even influence the testimony of your witnesses, given that they may not feel comfortable discussing confidential or otherwise sensitive matters in a setting that feels less than secure. Renting a conference room is an easy solution to this problem.


    Another advantage of renting a conference room is that it gives you access to on-site deposition services such as sophisticated technology. If you’re conducting a remote deposition or you plan to show select parts of the deposition during the trial, it’s essential to have state-of-the-art recording equipment during the deposition. Many law firms lack this advanced technology in their own offices or simply do not wish to waste time figuring out how to operate the equipment. When you rent a conference room, you can rest assured that all of the equipment you need will be working properly and ready to go as soon as the parties arrive.


    The costs of preparing and litigating a case can skyrocket at times. Renting a conference room is an effective way to keep your costs in check. Instead of paying for a large office space that you might not use every day or even every week, you can simply rent extra space when you need it.


    Even if your firm does have a conference room, it still might be a good idea to consider renting a space for your deposition. Your current conference room might not be large enough to comfortably accommodate your legal team, the opposing counsel, the court reporter, the witness, and other parties. A conference room rental will give you the space you need.

  • How to Choose the Right Technology for Your Depositions

    If you are in the midst of preparing for a legal deposition in San Jose, your priorities almost certainly include reviewing the case material, preparing your witness, and developing questions. But it’s important not to overlook the importance of technology in legal depositions. Talk to a court reporting agency about the technology-based deposition services that best fit your needs. new - technology

    Pre- and Post-Deposition Technology

    Premier deposition services should ideally include technology that lawyers can use before and after the actual deposition. Prior to the deposition, this technology is useful for deposition preparations. Afterward, lawyers can make good use of technological platforms to prepare for the trial. Seasoned lawyers are all too familiar with the veritable mountains of paperwork associated with each deposition. Thankfully, it’s no longer necessary to waste hours organizing documents and annotating them. A document depository and reproduction center at a court reporting agency can offer document scanning and duplication, including CD and DVD duplication. Virtual case management portals take this a step further by providing secure, 24/7 access to your online case file repository, complete with your neatly organized exhibits and transcripts. With this technology at your fingertips, you can spend your time where it really matters.

    Remote Deposition Technology

    The days of flying around the country and staying in uncomfortable hotel rooms are over. Remote deposition technology is available, such as teleconferencing or even videoconferencing. With state-of-the-art videoconferencing equipment, you can conduct your depositions in a comfortable conference room regardless of where your witness lives. These days, most jurisdictions do allow for remote depositions; check your local rules for guidance.

    Video Technology

    Just as videoconferences for remote depositions have gained traction in the legal field, so too have recorded depositions. Consider contracting with a court reporting agency to preserve a visual record of your deposition. You can organize the footage in such a way that allows you to play pivotal segments during the trial. Just be sure to check your local court’s rules regarding legal videography. Even if you do not plan to show the legal video in court, recording the deposition is still immensely helpful for preparing your witness to testify in the courtroom. You can have your witness watch him- or herself being deposed and offer recommendations for improvement.

  • Why You Need a Reliable Notary Service

    For law firms and other businesses, time is money. Partner your law firm with a court reporting agency in San Jose that offers a suite of services that you can rely on. Ideally, you’ll be able to find a court reporting company that offers notary public services. The legal field is notorious for its saturation with reams of paperwork, some of which needs to be notarized. And when you need to have a document notarized, there’s often no time to waste hunting down a local notary public. With notary services from a reliable agency, there’s no need to waste your time looking for a notary public and then rushing to his or her location.

    For your convenience, some notary services include travel directly to your law firm, courtroom, or other location. Notary services from a reliable agency can be used to finalize affidavits and depositions. They can witness your clients’ signatures, certify that a document is valid, and much more.

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