When to Call a Notary

A court reporter is not the only outside help legal firms need. Notary services are also crucial for several different tasks. Often, your court reporter in San Jose can assist with notary services as well. Here are some of the reasons you may find that you need to hire a notary.

Notaries can help to execute and finalize a number of legal documents and services. If your firm processes mortgages and other real estate transactions, you will need a notary to confirm the agreement. Notaries can also administer oral oaths and affirmations that aren’t strictly connected to legal documents, as well as act as a jurat to confirm that the contents of a legal document are true. You may also wish to use a notary to witness signatures on important legal documents ranging from deposition transcripts created by court reporters to legal agreements made during mediation. Hiring a notary from the same company you use for court reporters can make the process of formalizing documents and transcripts faster and more efficient.

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