• 6 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Court Reporter

    If you have been tasked with hiring a court reporter, you may rely on a quick internet search or referrals from colleagues to start narrowing down your choices. Avoid surprises or delays along the way by asking the following questions to help you find a qualified court reporting agency.

    What is included in your rate?

    Expect the court reporter you hire to be upfront about what their services cost. When comparing rates, consider everything you get for the price. For instance, some firms may offer access to valuable add-on services for no extra fee, including 24/7 case management information, a digital document depository, and conference room space. Then again, other firms charge for these services separately, so make sure you know what you’re getting.

    What licensing and certifications do your court reporters have?

    To legally work in the state, San Jose court reporters must obtain a California Certified Shorthand Reporter License. It’s also wise to hire a stenographer in good standing with the Court Reporters Board of California. These credentials ensure the court reporter you hire has the skills necessary to transcribe accurate testimonies during the court proceedings.

    Can your court reporters handle complicated testimonies?

    If your case involves technical language or medical terminology, it’s reasonable to request a court reporter with experience handling these sorts of testimonies. At the very least, you want a stenographer with years of experience transcribing the spoken word into shorthand to ensure fewer pauses and interruptions during the proceedings.

    What is your turnaround time?

    Court reporting firms typically have a “regular delivery” schedule, or a set number of days clients can expect to receive their final transcripts. Find out the standard turnaround time for your type of case, as well as options for expediting the process if you need your transcript sooner. Confirm whether you will have access to rough drafts and electronic transcripts when required.

    What are your service areas?

    While it’s great to find a local San Jose court reporter you can build a relationship with, you may need regional, national, or global coverage to perform remote depositions with long-distance witnesses. A broad service area also takes the uncertainty out of finding a court reporter if you need to prepare a case out of state.

    What services besides court reporting do you offer?

    It’s beneficial to work with a court reporter that can provide all the supporting litigation services you need. These may be delivered in-house, or the firm may have relationships with local service providers, allowing them to arrange legal videography, interpreting, and other related services required for your case. This saves time, money, and effort compared to finding individual providers on your own.

    At Talty Court Reporters, we utilize the latest technology to deliver the very best results in your legal case. Turn to us for top-quality court reporting and transcribing services, video and audio conferencing, remote depositions, and much more. For additional information about our services, or to request a cost estimate, please contact us today.


  • How to Choose the Best Court Reporter

    Choosing Best Court Reporter

    A certified court reporter is the key to ensuring that the words spoken in your hearing, deposition, or trial are accurately documented. Reviewing a verbatim transcript can bring details to light that you might otherwise miss. This is why it’s so critical to choose the best court reporter for the job. As you search for the right candidate, look for the following qualifications.


    Mastering the stenography machine takes time and practice. That’s why you should find a court reporter with years of experience transcribing the spoken word in shorthand. This increases the chance of a smooth deposition or court proceeding with fewer interruptions, pauses, and clarification requests.


    In order to serve as an official court reporter in San Jose, a stenographer must obtain a California Certified Shorthand Reporter License. It’s also a good idea to hire someone in good standing with the Court Reporters Board of California to ensure the court reporter you choose adheres to a professional code of conduct.


    The cost of hiring one stenographer or another is a factor you should certainly consider. After all, unless the court provides its own official court reporter, you will be required to arrange and pay for your own.

    To help you obtain accurate cost estimates from potential firms, define your time limit parameters, the technologies you want to utilize, and any other needs. Discuss the cost of services along with the billing schedule before launching the project to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

    Ethics and Impartiality

    During a legal proceeding, you want your court reporter to do their job without bias to ensure accurate, trustworthy documentation. This means finding a stenographer who is not affiliated with anyone involved in the case.


    Not all court reporting firms offer the same modern technology. While a paper transcription is useful in the courtroom, you could benefit from real-time streaming and audio or video recordings as well. It’s also helpful to have networking capabilities and an online repository with documents, transcripts, videos, and exhibits available to you at all times. If these additional services interest you, make sure you find a court reporter that offers them.

    Turnaround Time

    Court documents are often time-sensitive with strict deadlines. Choose a stenographer with a reputation for being punctual and turning in certified transcripts quickly. A court reporting firm with guaranteed turnaround times is the best way to ensure your expectations are met.

    One way to track down a qualified stenographer is to ask other legal professionals what companies they have used. When screening potential court reporters, don’t be afraid to ask questions. The integrity of your legal proceedings is at stake, so it’s perfectly acceptable to be picky when making your selection.

    At Talty Court Reporters, we are proud to provide a range of court recording-related services that utilize the latest technologies available. Expect top-quality transcriptions, audio and video conferencing, and more from our team of certified court reporters. To learn more about the benefits of working with Talty, please contact us today.

  • Deposition Advice from Court Reporters

    Every attorney and witness wants to create a flawless deposition to take with them to court. For this to happen, you need an experienced, reliable court reporter to produce a written record of the testimony. Of course, certified stenographers have years of experience and dozens or even hundreds of depositions under their belt.

    If you’re still gaining ground as a new attorney, or you’re a witness who has never been deposed before, you could benefit from hearing a knowledgeable court reporter’s advice. Here’s how to help improve your next deposition.

    Tips for Attorneys

    You undoubtedly understand the power of an accurate deposition when making your case before a judge and jury. This is why you wouldn’t even think of holding a deposition without a certified court reporter present. Make their job easier with these tips:

    • Provide case information in advance. When your court reporter has all the names and technical terminology pertaining to the case, you can expect fewer interruptions and requests for clarification.
    • Plan time for markings. After presenting the exhibits, leave a few minutes for the court reporter to transcribe and mark them accordingly.
    • Try never to talk over the witness. A clear record requires that only one person speaks at a time. Frequently interrupting the witness can result in a garbled transcript.
    • Seat the court reporter close to the witness. This helps ensure the reporter can hear the witness speak clearly without the need to repeatedly ask for clarification.
    • Verbally declare when you want to speak on and off the record. Being clear about this ensures the court reporter is prepared to pause and resume transcribing at the proper times.

    Tips for Witnesses

    Providing your testimony of an event can be stressful. It involves public speaking and keeping a clear head while responding to rapid-fire questions. Here are some tips to help witnesses be effective deponents so their testimony is helpful to the case:

    • Listen attentively to the questions and strive to deliver simple, concise answers. Provide explanations if prompted.
    • If you don’t know the answer to a question, simply state, “I don’t know.”
    • If you don’t understand, request that the attorney rephrase the question.
    • Don’t interrupt. Only provide your answer once the questioner has finished speaking.
    • Answer “Yes,” “No,” or “I don’t know.” The court recorder can’t document head shakes, nods, or shrugs.
    • Request a document review for any questions you can’t recall.
    • Don’t allow the opposing party to force you into selecting answers you’re not entirely sure of.
    • Remain calm and composed.
    • Always provide truthful answers.

    Talty Court Reporters provides court reporting services in San Jose. Not only do we accurately document depositions, but we also provide a wide range of other court recording-related services, including video conferencing, audio transcription, conference facilities, interpreter scheduling, and much more. To discover all the benefits of working with Talty, please schedule a deposition today.

  • Santa Clara County Changes Court Reporter Policies

    To ensure knowledge of and compliance with current laws, all attorneys, paralegals, and legal secretaries working in Santa Clara County must be aware of updated court reporter policies. Here’s what you need to know about the rules made effective July 24, 2017.

    Official Court Reporters are Provided in Civil Cases

    The court will provide its own court reporters in cases that are assigned for trial or long cause hearing to the Civil Division or will be heard by a judge assigned to the Civil Division. These include the following types of cases:

    • Felony criminal
    • Family
    • Juvenile dependency
    • Juvenile justice
    • Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) Act
    • Guardianships of the person or estate
    • Civil harassment
    • Civil contempt

    Parties May Arrange Court Reporters When Not Provided

    For hearings and trials in limited, unlimited, and probate matters, attorneys have the right to arrange and pay for a court reporter if an official reporter is not available. Santa Clara County Superior Court has established a policy regarding how a privately retained court reporter can qualify as an official reporter pro tempore. Eligible reporters must file a Stipulation and Appointment of Official Reporter Pro Tempore form and meet the following requirements:

    • Have a valid and current California Certified Shorthand Reporter License.
    • Be in good standing with the Court Reporters Board of California.
    • Not be a current full-time employee of the court. Serving as an official reporter pro tempore must also not interfere with any part-time court employment.
    • Be willing to provide current contact information with the court.
    • Charge their fees to the party who arranged for their services, not the court.
    • Comply with all statutes and rules applicable to official reporters pro tempore, including timely preparation of transcripts in the proper form.
    • Demonstrate the highest standards of ethics and impartiality in performing their duties.
    • Upload electronic archiving of notes within 48 hours of the proceedings.
    • Follow directions from the court and subject to the jurisdiction of the court to the same extent as an official reporter.
    • Be available for the read-back of notes within 30 minutes of the court’s request.
    • Provide and connect the equipment necessary for real-time reporting or other litigation support services.

    Be aware that there can only be one official record of court proceedings, and therefore only one court reporter. If any parties are in disagreement as to who should serve in this capacity, the judicial officer will make the selection.

    Talty Court Reporters is your source for experienced certified shorthand reporters in San Jose. Our court reporting services ensure the professional, high-quality, and accurate outcome you expect from a real-time court reporter. To discover all the benefits of working with us, please contact us today.

  • Is Your Court Reporter Subject to the New HIPAA Rules?

    In late 2013, new HIPAA regulations went into effect that can affect court reporters who provide transcription services pertaining to patient information. The next time you hire a court reporter in San Jose, consider whether any of these updates might apply. Under HIPAA, both you and your court stenographer could be considered “business associates” of the healthcare industry. In other words, if you’re handling a case for a covered entity, such as a health plan or hospital, then by extension, you and the court reporter you hire are subject to HIPAA regulations.

    HIPAA requires that all business associates of covered entities have an established Business Associate Agreement (BAA). This document must include multiple provisions, including the specifics of how a court reporter is permitted to disclose and use personal health information (PHI). Other provisions are: Requiring the court reporter to report security breaches in PHI, implement safeguards to protect PHI, and ensure that any subcontractors abide by the BAA.

    Healthcare Confidentiality

  • See How Inconsistent Statements Can Be Used to Impeach Witnesses

    When your court reporter in San Jose creates a record of a legal deposition, he or she is providing you with a valuable tool you can use in the courtroom is impeach witness testimony. Accurate court reporting is the key to using this impeachment device.

    This video demonstrates how to use inconsistent statements to impeach a witness during trial testimony. If the transcript of your deposition created by your court reporter contains different answers than a witness provides on the stand in court, you can confront that witness about his or her changing testimony and challenge their truthfulness. Your legal deposition transcript is the proof you need to impeach a statement a witness gives at trial to call the entirety of his or her testimony into question.

  • Why You Should Choose Talty Court Reporters for Notary Services

    If you need notary services near San Jose , then look no further than Talty Court Reporters, Inc. We offer notary services for any notarial need that your company or law firm may have, including copy certification, oath or affirmation, verification upon an oath or jurat, and signature witnessing. Some of the most common reasons why people turn to us for notary services include deeds of trust, wills, power of attorney, signature affidavit, and mortgage notes.

    At Talty Court Reporters, Inc., our mission is to make it as easy as possible for corporations and law firms to get their forms properly notarized. We are committed to providing our clients with exemplary customer service, as evidenced by the gleaming reputation that we have maintained for more than five decades. Talty Court Reporters, Inc. proudly serves San Jose and the surrounding areas. To find out more about the services we offer and why you should choose us for court transcript and notary services, please visit our website.

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  • Our Corporate Services Can Give Your Company an Edge

    Talty Court Reporters, Inc. is renowned for our work in the legal industry and the support that your court reporters in San Jose provide for attorneys preparing complex and sensitive cases. However, our services are not limited to the legal field. You can use our skilled team of professionals for a range of business needs, whatever your field is.

    We offer state-of-the-art conference facilities with rooms located throughout the state and in major cities across the country. These spaces are equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, free parking, catered lunch menus, and a full-service refreshment bar. With the assistance of our experienced court reporters and staff, we can provide notary services, transcription, interpreting, videography, and document deposition and reproduction services. Whether you need a space for a small work session or a room for a major corporate conference, let our team help you set up everything you need for your business meeting so you can focus on doing the things that keep your business running.

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  • The Cost-Saving Benefits of Teleconference

    Travel is often seen as an inevitable hassle in the legal field. Witnesses, defendants, and other parties do not always live conveniently close in proximity. But before you make your next airline reservation, consider speaking with a court reporting agency in San Jose about teleconference equipment. You can arrange remote deposition services that include teleconferencing, which will allow you to depose witnesses from the comfort of your home town. Depending on your typical frequency of travel, you could save thousands each year by teleconferencing instead of traveling.

    Of course, arranging for deposition services that include teleconferences will save you the cost of the plane ticket, but you’ll save in other ways as well. You won’t have to rent a car at your destination and you won’t have to book a hotel room. You’ll also save on the cost of dining out. Teleconferencing can even be cost-effective if you previously intended to drive to your destination instead of flying there. By hosting a teleconference, you won’t be putting extra miles on your car and shelling out cash for fuel.

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  • Why You Need a Reliable Notary Service

    For law firms and other businesses, time is money. Partner your law firm with a court reporting agency in San Jose that offers a suite of services that you can rely on. Ideally, you’ll be able to find a court reporting company that offers notary public services. The legal field is notorious for its saturation with reams of paperwork, some of which needs to be notarized. And when you need to have a document notarized, there’s often no time to waste hunting down a local notary public. With notary services from a reliable agency, there’s no need to waste your time looking for a notary public and then rushing to his or her location.

    For your convenience, some notary services include travel directly to your law firm, courtroom, or other location. Notary services from a reliable agency can be used to finalize affidavits and depositions. They can witness your clients’ signatures, certify that a document is valid, and much more.

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