• Read Advantages of Remote Deposition

    As a lawyer, there are many responsibilities you have to fulfill in order to best serve your clients. By working with court reporters in San Jose , you can keep your costs down by reducing the need for in-house reporting services. A great court reporting agency allows you to focus on representing your clients by handling tasks such as depositions. Remote depositions are beneficial for law firms in a number of ways, including saving the time, hassle, and money associated with traveling to depose witnesses. Remote video deposition allows you to remain at your office, which can give you more time to work on cases rather than spending it dealing with the logistics of travel. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about the advantages of remote depositions, and how they can benefit your client relationships in the long run. Please share with your friends and colleagues. Remote Depositions by Talty Court Reporters Inc.

  • When to Hire a Notary [infographic]

    Notary Services San Jose If you work in the legal field, there are many occasions in which you’ll need notary services near San Jose . The bond you will have to put up for one of your employees to become a licensed notary public is expensive, and if the employee leaves your firm, you will have to put up another bond for the next employee.

    Companies that offer these services often will send a notary to your office to notarize legal documents for you. This saves you and your business time, stress, and money. If you’re an attorney, you may not have time to meet with each individual client who needs to come in and sign affidavits, depositions, and certifications. Using a notary service allows you to skip the meeting and arrange for the client to sign the documents in the presence of a staff member and notary public.

    In addition, legal documents are often very time-sensitive, and even if one of your employees is a notary, he or she may not always be in the office when you need something notarized. For these reasons, using a notary service is the more reliable and efficient option for law firms.