• Read Tips for Communicating with ESL Clients

    When you’re working with ESL clients on depositions or other legal proceedings, you are bound by the Bar to communicate with them about their case as you would any other client. Achieving this goal can sometimes be challenging, however. To ensure your communication with your ESL client is adequate, in addition to the usual court reporters and other support services you work with on cases, you may also need to use interpreting services in San Jose for help. Use these tips to help you build better communication with your ESL clients. esl - deposition

    Recognize the Degrees of Understanding

    For many people, talking to an attorney and listening to legalese even in their own language is challenging. For ESL clients, the language you use as an attorney can be very unclear. Your clients may technically understand your words, but they may not grasp the full meaning of what you are saying. Don’t take your client’s word that they understand what you’ve said without ensuring that he or she doesn’t just understand the words but the implications as well. Consider simplifying your language and using lay terms to get your points across.

    Provide Translations of Written Documents

    There are many tools available for translating written documents, so consider using some of them to translate documents for your clients. Provide a copy of the document in English and then provide a translation. Doing so will help you ensure that your clients truly understand what the document addresses.

    Hire an Interpreter

    Don’t take a chance with your clients’ understanding of important issues in their cases. When you’re reviewing cases with ESL clients or preparing them for trials or depositions, hire an interpreter to ensure your communication is easy and effective. You can also use an interpreter during deposition or to help during trial testimony. Using an interpreter will help your ESL clients avoid confusion, even when being questioned by other attorneys.

  • Presentation Tips for New Lawyers

    Presentations are part of life for lawyers, but they’re not quite like other things you do all day, like depositions or examining witnesses in court. The things you do to ensure you succeed in those tasks may not help you deliver a great presentation. Just as you need to prepare for depositions in San Jose differently than you do for trial work, you need to use the right technique to get ready for your presentation.

    Watch this video for tips for lawyers for making excellent presentations. One of the biggest mistakes lawyers make is going into presentations with a script. After all, law school stresses the importance of impeccable preparation, but with a presentation, scripting your remarks makes you sound stiff and nervous. Instead, use your personality during a presentation to engage with your audience and get the kind of interaction you want.

  • A Demonstration of Witness Impeachment with Prior Deposition Transcripts

    Having a court reporter in San Jose prepare a deposition transcript for you can help you impeach witnesses who change their testimony in court. Deposition transcript services are a crucial tool for any attorney who uses depositions for case preparation for this reason.

    Watch this video to see how deposition transcripts can be used in the courtroom to impeach a witness. When witness testimony deviates from what was said during the deposition, having an accurate transcript allows you to reference their exact words, as recorded by the court reporter, into evidence in order to challenge what is being said. Because depositions are performed under oath, just as courtroom testimony is, being able to impeach a portion of a witness’ testimony may allow you to impeach his or her entire statement.

  • Putting Virtual Case Management to Work for You

    At Talty Court Reporters, Inc. , we know that your case preparation doesn’t end when business hours are over. That is why clients who use our deposition services in San Jose have access to our virtual case management system around the clock. Access the information you need about your case from any device with complete confidence in the security of your important information.

    By logging into the virtual case management portal, you’ll find all of the tools you need for your case preparation. Your online case file repository will include information generated as part of our deposition services, from exhibits to deposition and court transcript files and video deposition files, when relevant. You can also manage a calendar to plot a timeline for your case preparation and schedule court reporting services when you need them. After using our deposition services, your case management portal will also include your invoices so you can manage your account in a single, convenient location.


  • How Your Firm Can Benefit from Legal Transcription Services

    If your law firm is still trying to manage case files and other documents in-house, it’s time to consider outsourcing litigation services. Look for well-established court reporting companies near San Jose that offer a full suite of transcription services . Choosing a company with a long history of providing accurate transcriptions is essential. In doing so, you’ll know that you have reliable support services and finished products that are admissible into a court of law. transcription-services-needed

    Convenience and Accessibility

    Transcription services allow your legal team improved access to crucial case files and other documents. Court reporters can make your transcripts available with a range of formatting options, including digitized versions for added convenience. Your court reporting agency will ideally offer E-Transcript, YesLaw, PDF, ASCII, and LEF formats. With professional, experienced transcription service providers, you can rest assured that your transcripts will be expedited when necessary, without the need to have your in-house support team work overtime. When you outsource your transcription services, your own team members can devote their valuable time to your caseload.

    Flexibility and Customization

    Another benefit of hiring a professional transcription service provider is the flexibility it offers. Your law firm can choose from a range of services and customize your selections to meet your specific needs. You can arrange for transcripts for your legal depositions, hearings and other courtroom proceedings, briefs, dictation, conferences, and multi-speaker interviews. A full-service court reporting agency may offer audiovisual options, such as video depositions, which can streamline your case preparation process. As an added bonus, your court reporting company may even offer notary public services. Having access to all of these services under one roof will save your law firm both time and money.

    Accuracy and Quality Assurance

    In all likelihood, your law firm would not assign a high-profile case to a junior associate. Likewise, it’s important to ensure that your transcripts are handled by professionals with years of experience. Avoid choosing freelancers or independent contractors for your transcription needs. Instead, ensure a high degree of accuracy for your documents by arranging services through a well-established court reporting company. Court reporting agencies have quality assurance protocols in place to prevent errors that may jeopardize a case.

  • Rules for Making a Motion in a Board Meeting

    You may already know that court reporting agencies serving San Jose can provide notary services, deposition services, and interpreting services. However, it’s also a good idea to have court reporters capture board meeting procedures, including any motions that might be discussed. To learn the proper procedure for making a motion in a board meeting captured by a court reporter, watch this brief video.

    It explains how board members should address the presiding officer and how they will know when they have permission to speak. You will learn the proper language for making a motion and that your motion must be seconded by another person. When another person seconds your motion, it does not necessarily mean that he or she agrees with you, only that he or she feels your motion should be discussed further. If the motion does not receive a second, a discussion cannot proceed.

  • Understanding the Significance of Accurate Board Meeting Minutes

    If you run a business that holds regular board meetings, it is crucial that you hire someone to provide accurate meeting transcription services in San Jose . Board meeting minutes will create an unimpeachable record of important business proceedings that would otherwise be entirely reliant on an attendee’s memory. You might even be required to provide board meeting minutes as part of your corporate services. Watch this video clip to learn more about the significance of accurate board meeting minutes. You’ll find out what information is absolutely necessary to have in order to keep a complete and useful set of minutes.

  • Transcription Services and Your Bottom Line

    Court reporters in San Jose undergo several years of training to achieve different levels of certification. This intensive work allows them to type more than 280 words per minute and capture every single word of any proceeding. From depositions to board meetings, court reporters create complete records and can even testify to the record’s accuracy and integrity. In many jurisdictions, court reporters bear most or all of the costs of their equipment. That means the most sophisticated voice-to-text technology can be available to the justice system at no Transcription Services San Jose extra expense for the court itself. This savings also transfers to law firms, attorneys, and businesses, who create transcripts of vital witness testimony and corporate meetings. These texts allow plaintiffs to build cases, ensure that litigants preserve their right to appeal, and afford legal protections to companies. Court reporting agencies also offer document repository and production services so that no important document is ever lost or misplaced.

  • Why Talty Court Reporters Is a Top Choice for Law Firms

    Court reporters meet essential needs of law firms and corporate clients. They can provide real-time read-back of testimony, help to manage dialogue, and provide accurate transcription services. Law firms rely on court reporters as they prepare cases for depositions and legal statements, while businesses use court reporters to keep accurate minutes from board meetings and interviews. Since court reporting has such an important role, who you hire to do the job matters. At Talty Court Reporters , we have been providing court reporting services in San Jose since 1964 and only hire educated and experienced reporters to our team. You can expect full litigation support, easy scheduling, and fast access to accurate transcripts when you choose our services. Find out more about why law Court Reporters [Infographic} firms stick with Talty Court Reporters once they start working with us in this infographic. Please share this information with others who may need this service.

  • How Transcription Services Can Help Your Business

    Transciptions San Jose Court reporters provide unfailingly accurate transcriptions for the legal industry, but it is not just law practices that can take advantage of their services. Court reporting services in San Jose can provide extensive support to corporate clients as well. Here are some of the ways transcription services provided by court reporters can support your business.

    Every business has the need for transcription. From business meetings to interviews, the accurate transcription services of a court reporter can be invaluable. These transcripts are reliable references for when you need to refer back to important conversations in meetings, significant points in interviews, and more. In addition to transcription, reporters can provide a variety of other corporate services, including notary services, interpreting, videography, and document reproduction. When you’re hiring transcription services, look for a company that can also provide facilities as needed, such as a conference room for your meeting as well as the transcriber to keep meetings you’ll need later.