• A Demonstration of Witness Impeachment with Prior Deposition Transcripts

    Having a court reporter in San Jose prepare a deposition transcript for you can help you impeach witnesses who change their testimony in court. Deposition transcript services are a crucial tool for any attorney who uses depositions for case preparation for this reason.

    Watch this video to see how deposition transcripts can be used in the courtroom to impeach a witness. When witness testimony deviates from what was said during the deposition, having an accurate transcript allows you to reference their exact words, as recorded by the court reporter, into evidence in order to challenge what is being said. Because depositions are performed under oath, just as courtroom testimony is, being able to impeach a portion of a witness’ testimony may allow you to impeach his or her entire statement.

  • Tips for Managing Your Documents

    For major law firms and boutique practices alike, document management is a top priority . Your clients are counting on you for results-driven litigation services. You need to spend your time working on your cases, not trying to find misplaced documents or endlessly shuffling documents back into order. That’s why successful law practices rely on court reporters and a document depository in San Jose. Court reporters not only offer notary services and deposition services; their agencies can also provide document reproduction and depository services.

    At a document depository, you’re likely to find a range of duplication options, including duplication of CDs and DVDs for your digitized depositions. A full-service reproduction center will offer Bates stamping, since this method of indexing is the gold standard for legal document identification and retrieval. You will also likely have access to a range of binding, document scanning, blueprint duplication, and document duplication options. These services allow you to focus your attention on your clients, not trying to keep reams of documents under control.


  • The Importance of Accurate Transcription for Legal Cases

    When you hire a court reporting company near San Jose , it’s imperative that their court reporters provide accurate court transcripts for legal depositions, trials, and hearings. Court reporters who are capable of providing deposition videos and legal videos are often more accurate than court reporters who don’t use advanced technology in their deposition services. Here are just some of the reasons that accurate court transcriptions are so important in legal cases. accurate transcription

    Eliminate Ambiguity

    Even the most solid legal cases can have facts questioned and key elements thrown into doubt and ambiguity. An experienced and accurate court reporter will be able to provide a detailed and clear court transcript, deposition video, or court video that effectively eliminates ambiguous elements of your case. Alternatively, your court reporter’s court transcript may highlight ambiguous elements of your opposing counsel’s case, thus making your case stronger and more advantageous to your client.

    Get Facts Correct on the Record

    Most legal cases have voluminous paperwork; hundreds of dates, names, and places; and other crucial facts and information offered by witnesses, law enforcement, medical professionals, case parties, and others. Depositions and court proceedings are used to get all of the facts established and on the record as the case proceeds. If you have hired an experienced court reporter, your court transcript or deposition transcript will provide a detailed look at all of the crucial facts and figures of the case.

  • Understanding the Significance of Accurate Board Meeting Minutes

    If you run a business that holds regular board meetings, it is crucial that you hire someone to provide accurate meeting transcription services in San Jose . Board meeting minutes will create an unimpeachable record of important business proceedings that would otherwise be entirely reliant on an attendee’s memory. You might even be required to provide board meeting minutes as part of your corporate services. Watch this video clip to learn more about the significance of accurate board meeting minutes. You’ll find out what information is absolutely necessary to have in order to keep a complete and useful set of minutes.

  • Virtual Case Management from Talty Court Reporters, Inc.

    At Talty Court Reporters, we provide reliable, accurate transcription services, deposition services, and court reporting services in San Jose . Our comprehensive services and highly skilled staff make us the largest independently owned and operated, and most experienced, agency in Silicon Valley. One of the most valuable services that we offer our clients is 24/7 virtual case management.

    Virtual case management allows our clients to quickly and securely access valuable case management information Virtual Case Management San Jose whenever it is needed. Clients can access their information via computer, tablet, or smartphone. Our secure system protects all sensitive information, ensuring that there are no data breaches or data losses.

    Using our secure virtual case management portal, you will have remote access to your online case file, including court transcripts and exhibits. You can also access your calendar and invoices. Our goal is to make it as easy for our clients as possible to access their information and use our services. We know that our clients are busy, and that secure virtual case management services that are available 24/7 are very valuable to them.

  • What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Court Reporter?

    When you schedule a legal deposition or court deposition, you are responsible for securing certain deposition services for you and the adverse attorney. These deposition services may include legal transcription services, notary services, and interpreting services. Legal transcription services can be provided by a transcriptionist, court reporter, or court stenographer. Keep reading if you’re curious about the benefits of hiring a court reporter in San Jose instead of a transcriptionist for your next deposition.

    Far More Experience
    Transcriptionists can be employed in a number of different fields outside of the legal field. They may work for Court Reporters San Jose doctors, nurses, or the hearing impaired, and do not necessarily have any sort of experience in the legal field. Transcriptionists are skilled typists, but court reporters and court stenographers also have experience with legal terms, legal documents, and how court cases progress. This helps them provide much more accurate court transcriptions. Court reporters are also accustomed to dealing with the background noise, interruptions, and delays that often occur in depositions.

    Understanding of Confidentiality and Neutrality
    Because court reporters work in the legal field, they understand the importance of confidentiality. They will not discuss the details of your case before or after the deposition with anyone other than you and your employees. Court reporters are also familiar with the concept of neutrality. They know that they must behave as an unbiased third party to the case proceedings, and will not display any signs of emotion during the deposition proceedings.

    Transcripts are Available More Quickly
    Companies that provide professional deposition services, court reporting services, and transcription services are very reliable and efficient. They have experience dealing with a high volume of business, and will not subject you to delays in creating and providing court transcriptions. In fact, most court reporting and transcription services companies offer expedited court transcriptions to their clients. They will also provide you with a rough draft of the court transcription if requested, and can electronic transcripts.

  • Tips for Hiring Legal Transcription Services

    Law firms are under constant pressure to transcribe legal files and documents, but often lack the resources to the job in-house. Fortunately, you can hire court reporters in San Jose to help you get the job done. A qualified professional can handle the task of transcribing hand-written documents, police reports, testimony, medical records, and other types of paperwork on your behalf, without sacrificing the accuracy your law firm relies on. When you hire transcription services, here are some of the things you should consider.

    Legal transcription work requires a higher degree of accuracy than other types of transcription work. Don’t settle for Legal Transciption Services a transcriber that does not have the proper background to do legal work. Instead, look for transcribers who are compliant with guidelines set by the State CSR Board. This ensures that the transcriber you hire is trained in providing accurate transcription services that meet the standards you need. Keep in mind that court reporters are experienced in working with legal documents, so have a grasp on the job you need done.

    Format Options
    The court reporter you hire should be able to provide transcripts in a variety of formats. Be sure the transcriber is experienced in providing both paper and electronic formats. Ask about YesLaw, E-Transcript, PDFs, LEFs, and ACSII. Your transcriber should also be able to provide you with a condensed transcript with scanned exhibits for easy access when you need to check a fact fast or when you’re preparing your case.

    Few things are as important when you’re hiring a court reporter than experience. Court reporters who have been working in the field for a long time not only are familiar with all of the needs of their clients, but they also have enough understanding of the legal profession that they know the terminology used in court cases. With an experienced transcriber, you won’t have to worry about inaccuracies or mistakes that could compromise your cases.

  • What Are the Benefits of Hiring Professional Transcription Services?

    You may already know that the legal profession relies heavily on professional transcription and interpreting services in San Jose. Parties involved with court cases need accurate court transcripts to prepare and present their arguments. However, it’s also a wise decision for business owners to hire professional transcription services , regardless of whether the business is a small start-up, a major international company, or something in between.

    By hiring professional transcription services instead of trying to manage the work yourself, you can greatly Professional Transcription Services San Jose streamline your business processes. Skilled transcriptionists can provide a rapid turnaround on projects, giving you the finished product you need in the shortest amount of time possible. By outsourcing these services, you can focus on growing your business .

    Some business owners may be tempted to hire an in-house transcriptionist or try to delegate the task to a fast typist with no transcription experience. However, the best way to ensure accurate work is to outsource the job to a professional with extensive experience. Professional transcriptionists have a thorough grasp of proper grammar and can deliver error-free files.

    Professional transcription services can offer your business the versatility it needs to thrive. With the files produced by an expert transcriptionist, you can easily expand your business’ online profile with a blog or other website content, informational product brochures, and positive reviews of products or services. You could even use professional transcription services to produce minutes from your employees’ virtual meetings, transcribe information for presentations or videos, and store important voicemails in text format.

    When business owners consider accessibility, they might think of ways of introducing their products or services to new customers. Transcription services can indeed facilitate this process. However, a professional transcriptionist can also improve accessibility for employees and clientele with disabilities. Individuals with hearing loss, some language disorders, and certain cognitive disabilities may be unable to follow along with a virtual meeting or listen to a product pitch. For these individuals, professional transcription services are indispensable.