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How Court Reporting Works Across San Jose, CA

Court Reporters are often called “guardians of the record” because of their important role as an impartial third party who can accurately capture and preserve every word spoken by all parties during court proceedings, depositions, or other official occasions that need to be kept on the record. At Talty Court Reporters, we’re proud of that title, because we’ve developed our skills and built a reputation for integrity over many decades since we opened our doors to the legal system in 1964. We’ve watched countless cases, legislation, attorneys, judges, and juries pass in and out of the courtroom, but our approach to upholding accurate, impartial, and efficient records is unchanged.

For pricing information or to schedule a deposition or transcription, please contact the team at Talty Court Reporters in San Jose, CA, today by emailing, calling, or filling out the convenient online form on the Contact Us page today.

What do court reporters do?

Although anyone can type, a true court reporter is a highly-trained professional with advanced skills converting spoken word from many parties in real-time into recorded and preserved information that can be stored, searched, and shared. Their impartial services prepare a verbatim transcript of important and official proceedings in the courtroom, and these skills can extend to preparatory services such as official depositions, as well. Talty Court Reporters helps attorneys and their clients across the United States before and during a trial for accurate access to critical information.

Is auto-text or AI transcription safe to use instead?

Great advancement has been made in computerized or automated voice-to-text services, but we believe those applications are still best left to daily personal use. These technologies still lack the native understanding, critical thinking, and human interpretation of accents or slurred speech to make them reliable in the eyes of the law. A trained court reporter can type rapidly in shorthand to keep up with the pace of multiple speakers and recognize difficult or hard-to-hear parts of speech that AI would misinterpret–damaging the integrity of the entire document.

What court reporting services do you offer?

Please go to the Court Reporting page to see a full list of pre-trial services and courtroom support, including depositions, on-site copying, notary services, professional language interpreters, and more.

Can you notarize a report?

Yes, Talty Court Reporters offers a wide variety of administrative legal services all in one place to expedite your preparations and research. We also assist with Managing Legal Documents and provide various Trial Services to support your needs and ensure quick access to critical information.

I need a transcription last-minute. Do you offer rush or expedited services?

Talty Court Reporters provides weekend, holiday, and last-minute reporting to cover any kind of important conversation on the record, as well as Transcription Services for past recordings, video, and other media. Please contact us by calling or Request a Transcript today.

Speak to our qualified team today to learn more.

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