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Learn About Legal Transcriptions in San Jose, CA

Talty Court Reporters is one of a few teams with over 50 years of experience creating certified legal transcriptions across every industry and media format. Our transcriptionists are trained to operate under the highest legal standards for accuracy, and many specialize in various industries to ensure that complex terms or concepts are clearly recorded in writing.

What is a legal transcription?

Although we live in a digital age, our legal systems still protect the integrity of anything that takes place in a civil or criminal court case with hardcopy documentation and written records. A legal transcription is a true and accurate written record of a live event or recorded audio and video, created by a trained professional according to legal guidelines that are designed to ensure accuracy and integrity.

How are your transcripts different from one produced privately?

Talty Court Reporters certifies the transcript from any kind of recording or live event. This certificate is attached to the end of your document confirming the transcription is a true and accurate record to the best of our professional knowledge. As an official court reporter, we can certify and notarize our transcription services, and we rely on a team of legal specialists to ensure any recording or event containing industry-specialized concepts or vocabulary will be understood and interpreted by the legal transcriptionist. Attempting to transcribe a document by yourself or through some other means, such as a computer program, will not result in a highly credible and certified document, and may lack accuracy, particularly where jargon is concerned.

Can you accommodate a specific formatting request?

Yes. Our team can use different types of formatting to fit your needs, including YesLaw, E-Transcript™, LEF, PDF, ASCII CD/DVD/DISK, and Summation/AMICUS.

Is the Talty Court Reporters team certified or qualified in any special way?

Yes, we are. There are countless options for transcription services, including online outsourcing. But for legal information, confidentiality and accuracy make the difference in the quality of the case and even can determine whether the recording in question is admissible as evidence or an exhibit. Talty Court Reporters is an independently-owned and operated agency with more than 50 years of experience upholding legal transcription standards. Every member of our transcription team is trained and certified by the State CSR board to ensure that the final output is compliant with all legal guidelines for credibility.

When I order a transcription, what is included in your service?

A transcription request with Talty Court Reporters includes:

  • A free condensed transcript with word indices
  • Paperless and electronic transcripts when requested
  • A CD with a variety of file formats and scanned exhibits
  • Rough drafts, if needed
  • Expedited services (additional fees may apply)

Please visit the Contact Us page to speak to our team if you have more questions or visit the Request a Transcription page to order a certified transcript of any audio or video media.

Whenever and Wherever You Need Us, We’re There.