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San Jose Legal Video Services

When preparing a legal case of any kind, the evidence must convince a judge or jury your client cannot be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Even before a case goes to trial, evidence in discovery can sway the opposing counsel to reconsider the charges, lowering them or dropping them altogether if they realize there is little to no chance of a clear conviction. Thus, the stronger the evidence, the shorter the case can be, saving both you and your client time and money.


If there is a document in question that must be looked at, you may want to consider video imaging technology for your remote deposition. This will allow all participants to be able to see each other as well as the exhibits being examined. It can also be more engaging when introduced to a live courtroom, as it does a better job of establishing the presence of remote parties.

Videoconferencing is a great option to conduct a deposition with a real feel without having to leave home. This will allow all participants to be able to see each other as well as the exhibits being examined. It can also be more engaging when introduced to a live courtroom, as it does a better job of establishing the presence of remote parties. Contact us for more information.

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Legal Video Services in San Jose

Professional Video Reporting in San Jose

After decades of experience in California courtrooms and depositions, the team at Talty Court Reporters is confident that admissible evidence captured and preserved on camera is one of the strongest forms of evidence any legal team can offer. That’s why we offer legal video services to create clear visuals that follow legal guidelines for acceptance into evidence or exhibits. Even if your case doesn’t involve security camera footage, for example, we encourage you to contact us and explore other ways that visual media can support your clients’ claims. Call us today at 408-244-1900 to learn more about the difference that legal videos can make in your case! Schedule a free consultation so we can discuss your options with you.

How Professional Video Can Enhance Your Legal Claim

There are a number of benefits to using legal videography in your litigation case. You can use legal videos to record depositions, document evidence to be used in the courtroom, create effective courtroom presentations, etc. At Talty Court Reporters, we have a team of experienced videographers and production specialists who can ensure your legal videos are properly created and synced for your use. A few benefits of our San Jose video reporting services include the ability to:

  • Take, edit, and present video clips
  • Access important information
  • Better organize your case
  • Improve the discovery process
  • Help the judge and jury visualize complex concepts in the courtroom

Legal Videos as Evidence

Video evidence is a clear and persuasive way to explain an issue or set the scene and context of a case, and Talty Court Reporters is here to help. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and powerful video evidence or an emotional deposition can reduce or eliminate charges, convince a judge to dismiss or rule in favor, or influence a jury trial outcome.

One of the most common ways our legal clients use our video services is to capture witness or defendant/prosecutor depositions. While having a paper transcript will share the literal words said, a video has the power to demonstrate facial expressions, involuntary reactions, irony, emotional outbursts, and other key signals that tell the real story of a case. Please visit the Legal Deposition FAQs page to learn more about the process of a legal deposition and benefits to filming the interview instead of simply transcribing it into a script on paper. You can also request our Remote Deposition Services, which leverage the latest Technology in Depositions to share documents, capture facial expressions, and jointly review or discuss materials from separate locations.

Legal Videos as Exhibits

Even if it’s not possible or useful to submit video depositions or other recorded visuals as evidence for some reason, the Talty Court Reporters team can still help attorneys create the visual illustrations that make powerful exhibits at trial. In a courtroom, especially with a jury of laymen, it’s often easier and more effective to show rather than tell, so presenting video clips can hold the attention of the judge and jury and demonstrate concepts more clearly. If you’re not sure if or how legal video footage can support your particulate case, please feel free to contact our team in San Jose. We’ll discuss the situation and opportunities for using video in strict confidence.

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