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Offering Convenient Legal Document Reproduction Services

The legal profession comes with no shortage of documents. From living wills to court filings, it’s no easy task to keep track of all these materials and maintain organization. At Talty Court Reporters, we know how difficult loose documents can make your job, so we offer convenient document depository and reproduction services. Our San Jose, CA team will ensure that your documents are safe in a secure online space and provide any printing, scanning, or copying you may need. Don’t allow document management to be a hassle—look to Talty Court Reporters! Below, we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about our services.

What Is a Document Depository?

A document depository is a secure location where a legal team can store shared documents. This online location is accessible to all parties involved in a case and ensures that everyone has the information they need to proceed with a case. Depositories can be updated as needed and often allow for all file formats and plenty of storage.

Why Use an Online Document Depository?

An online document depository is a crucial part of any case management system. They afford plenty of benefits, and the advantages you gain far outweigh the costs. You and your clients can benefit from an online depository in the following ways:

  • Security: A robust document depository securely stores your important documents and gives you the ability to access this information anywhere. What’s more, you’ll be able to control who else has permission to access these vital files.
  • Flexibility: Today, we don’t always work from an office. Document depositories allow you to access files from home on nearly any device with an internet connection.
  • Collaboration: Document depositories make collaboration so much easier. When everyone has the same materials, they’ll be better able to tackle problems and develop case strategies.

What Are the Benefits of Data Repositories for Court Cases?

Document depositories and data storage are useful for a range of industries, but Talty Court Reporters offers tailor-made services for legal professionals. There are nearly endless benefits to using this technology in court cases, including:

  • Both sides have access to all the relevant documents
  • All information is in one convenient place
  • Clients have access to data, as well as attorneys
  • Information is accessible anywhere on nearly any device

What Document Reproduction Services Do You Provide?

At Talty Court Reporters, we strive to provide the gold standard in litigation services. As such, we offer an array of document reproduction services to make your workday go a little smoother. Our clients come to us whenever they require these services, among others:

  • Document copies and scans
  • Saddle stapling
  • CD/DVD duplication
  • Binding options
  • Blueprint duplication

What Other Litigation Services Do You Provide?

Our services don’t begin and end with file management. In addition to document depositories and reproduction services, we provide our clients with numerous services designed to make their lives a little easier. After all, legal professionals have no shortage of responsibilities. We’re proud to take one more thing off your plate. Look to Talty Court Reporters whenever you need the following services:

Learn More About Our Services

Do you have more questions about our document depository services? Maybe you’re wondering about transcription and court reporting. Whatever the case for you, we welcome you to reach out to Talty Court Reporters. Over the years, we’ve gained a strong reputation for quality, expertise, and convenience. Join the numerous San Jose law firms that are already taking advantage of our outstanding services.