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Our Court Reporting Services in San Jose

Top-Notch Litigation Services

Depositions can be a critical component of the litigation process, which means that you will want to choose a reliable, experienced court reporting agency to work with your law firm when you need to take depositions for a case. With Talty Court Reporters in San Jose, you can find litigation services including depositions that will help to build your case and reduce overhead by eliminating your need for in-house litigation and reporting. Our services include the most advanced court reporting technologies, which can enhance depositions with real-time streaming and video for use in the court room. Below, you’ll get a closer look at our innovative solutions that ensure the highest attention to detail in every deposition for our clients located throughout the United States.

Advantages Of Legal Deposition in San Jose, CA

Why Depositions Are Important

Depositions—or out-of-court sworn statements that are recorded as testimony before trial—are a key part of the litigation process. Not only do depositions provide important information for the discovery stage, but they can also potentially be used during the actual trial. At our agency, Talty Court Reporters, we accurately document depositions, and we also provide a wide range of other deposition-related services.

Even when depositions do not provide positive testimony, it is essential to gather these statements and hear all sides during the discovery phase. Depositions may also provide broader opportunities in questioning witnesses and key figures in a case, since there is often more flexibility in the questions that may be asked than there is in the court room when a witness is on the stand. With well-documented depositions, there may also be a higher possibility of settling a case out of court to minimize the time and resources necessary.

Technology to Enhance Testimony

Modern technology has created extra convenience and reliability in depositions, so it is not unlikely that web conferencing or video will be part of your depositions. Here’s a closer look at some of the technological solutions we provide at Talty Court Reporters to improve deposition quality for our clients.

Video Services

Simply adding video to a deposition can make a big difference in the court room, since video is better able to capture the attention of a jury than a written deposition. Video depositions also provide reliable reference points for cases in which there may be many witnesses or other complexities. Video also opens up the possibility for remote depositions, which may be helpful when witnesses are in different areas and unable to commute to an attorney’s office.

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Live-Deposition services offer ultimate convenience in teleconferencing, which is enhanced with the capability to add or drop participants with a moment’s notice for simple scheduling. Attendees may also use group and private chat so that the ability to conference with an attorney is not compromised.

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Deposition Services in San Jose

Our Deposition Services Include:

Talty Court Reporters Advantages

In addition to sophisticated remote deposition technologies, our agency offers conference facilities with free on-site parking, audio and video transcription, traveling notary services, and process serving. To discover all of the benefits of working with us, contact us or call us at 408-244-1900 today.

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