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Courtroom Reporter

Court reporting agencies near San Jose provide a wide range of services to both attorneys and courts. Court reporters are highly trained professionals who undergo several years of skills training, which allows them to type accurately at incredibly high speeds. In addition to transcription services, court reporters can also provide the latest in video technology. Read on to learn more about why court reporters are invaluable to law firms and businesses alike.

Legal Depositions

Depositions are an essential part of litigating civil cases. For example, a law firm handling a medical malpractice case may need to depose countless witnesses, including physicians, nurses, hospital supervisors and staff, injured patients, and anyone else who may bear responsibility for the negligent act. Court reporters can accurately transcribe depositions for use later in court. In addition, a court reporter can certify and testify to the accuracy of a record. The ability to provide reliable and precise transcriptions at unparalleled speeds makes court reporters essential for law firms.
Transcription Services

Court reporters can also convert transcripts into many different formats, making life easier for attorneys—and for the court. It is standard in court reporting to provide both paperless and electronic copies of a transcript. But court reporters can also create special condensed transcripts in many different formats. Thanks to new developments in court reporting technology, court reporters can also create CDs with scanned exhibits and file-formats including YesLaw, E-Transcript, PDF, LEF, and ACSII.

Corporate Assistance

Court reporters do much more than just provide litigation services, making them invaluable resources for many businesses. For example, court reporters also frequently offer notary services and interpreting services. Many court reporting companies offer document depository and reproduction services, as well. For example, court reporters can assist with document scanning and duplication and can Bates stamp documents. If your business has a great deal of paperwork and needs organization assistance, consider contacting a court reporter.

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