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Video deposition in San Jose

You may opt to take a witness’s legal deposition via video deposition in San Jose if the witness is unable or unwilling to appear in court. Video deposition testimony can be just as powerful to the judge and jury as in-court deposition testimony if you prepare for the deposition video appropriately. Here are some tips for getting the most from your witness’ video deposition services.

Prepare Your Witness for the Video Deposition

Prior to beginning the video deposition, speak with your witness about body language, clothing, and speech. You should advise your witness to do his best to remain calm and avoid fidgeting during the legal deposition. Your witness must be aware of his body language and the expressions he makes while speaking. You should instruct him to dress professionally for the deposition and avoid wearing all black or all white clothing. Advise him to stay within the limits of the question without elaborating, and to avoid unclear, emotional, or controversial language.

Watch and Edit the Deposition Video Carefully

After the video deposition is complete, you and your associates should watch it carefully. Making appropriate deposition video edits can make the legal deposition even more useful to your case. The deposition video should not be too long, as the jury’s mind will start to wander. It should contain the most relevant pieces of legal deposition testimony that is more accurately conveyed via a deposition video than an in-court deposition or court transcription. If you aren’t sure whether you should leave a portion of the deposition video in, err on the side of caution and include it just in case.

Sync the Deposition Video and Court Transcript

Your court reporter may offer deposition services and transcription services specific to video deposition testimony. If your court reporting agency is able, you should ask the court reporter to sync the deposition video with the official court transcript. This will allow you to edit the deposition video much faster and makes it easier and more efficient to access and play necessary sections of the video.

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