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Advanced Deposition Services in San Jose, CA

Technology has revolutionized the way the legal industry takes depositions. Now, when you are taking depositions near San Jose, the subject might be on the other side of the world talking to you via video conferencing tools. Thanks to new technology, depositions are much easier than ever before. Here are some ways to use these tools to your advantage.

With the right technology, you can avoid delays in preparing your case by scheduling a deposition at any time, regardless of the location of the parties. Simply bring in a court reporter as usual and conduct your questioning with video, web, or teleconferencing tools. These techniques still meet the requirements of a legal deposition and let you avoid the logistical complications of deposing people who live in another town or even another country. A video deposition may also be helpful to your court reporter. Going back and viewing the deposition makes it easier to clarify any parts of the questioning that are unclear on the audio recording. In this way, technology can help to increase the accuracy of transcriptions and make preparing for your case easier.

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