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Hiring a Court Reporter in San Jose

A court reporter can play a significant role in your case preparations. With the help of a reporter, you can get accurate transcripts of your depositions to help you put together your evidence and prepare for trial. However, not all court reporters are created equal, so how can you be sure you are hiring someone who can handle the work you have? When you are hiring a court reporter in San Jose, keeps these considerations in mind.

Ease of Scheduling

One of the first questions you should ask is the process for scheduling a court reporter. The process should be as convenient as possible for you. Find out if you can request court reporters online and how far in advance you have to make your request. While most depositions are planned well enough in advance that hiring a reporter is not an issue, it is helpful to know that your last-minute hiring needs can be accommodated when necessary.

Availability of Transcripts

Find out the normal turnaround time for transcription services so you can plan your depositions inadequate time to receive the transcript and prepare your case. You can also ask about expedited transcript fees, access to rough draft transcripts, and live demo or real-time court reporting services, in which you can see the transcript on a computer screen as it is being prepared.

Access to Technology

Court reporters are increasingly relying on technology to make deposition transcriptions more reliable. When you hire a court reporter, ask about the kind of technology he or she can use. For instance, if your court reporter can provide access to conference room facilities and can do the transcription for video depositions, this makes it possible for you to depose witnesses remotely. Hiring a court reporter who is skilled with technology can make depositions more convenient for you and your witnesses.

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