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24/7 virtual office

At Talty Court Reporters, one of the services we’re pleased to offer our clients is a 24/7 virtual office. The virtual office is another way we provide comprehensive support for your legal practice, from our court reporters in San Jose to our video deposition and court transcription services.

The 24/7 virtual office is a secure online interface through which our clients can manage their cases at any time, from anywhere. Through the virtual office, clients can access case files, exhibits, invoices, and calendars. They can also schedule court reporting services, view their existing schedules, and make changes where necessary. The 24/7 virtual office can be accessed by computer, tablet, or smartphone safely and securely, without any concerns about sensitive information being leaked or hacked.

The virtual office service puts you in charge of your schedule by making remote work as easy as possible, so you can get out from behind your desk. All clients have their own log-ins to the virtual office as part of the services provided by Talty Court Reporters.

Whenever and Wherever You Need Us, We’re There.