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Remote Deposition Services in San Jose

Remote depositions allow you to use technology, rather than travel expenses, to depose out-of-town witnesses. Using remote deposition services can be tremendously beneficial to attorneys, as they save the time and expense of traveling without compromising the ability to obtain important information from witnesses. Often, your court reporter in San Jose can facilitate the set-up of remote depositions with access to video deposition services and rooms equipped with the technology necessary for deposing remote witnesses. Here are some of the ways you can make remote depositions work for your case.

Learn Remote Deposition Technology

Some attorneys resist the idea of doing remote depositions because they envision video delays, lost connections, and static-laden audio transmissions. In reality, new technology allows for smooth and secure remote depositions that are far more professional than the casual video chat that some attorneys picture. Your court reporter can walk you through the technology that is available to give you an accurate idea of how remote technology can be used in your deposition.

Prepare for Document Sharing

One challenge of remote depositions is sharing documents and exhibits as you would in person. Your court reporter can help manage your documents so that you can share them in real-time during the deposition rather than sending them in advance, thereby tipping your hand about your questions before you may wish. Court reporters will set up access to the documents according to your needs so that the witness and his or her attorney receives them at the same time they would in an in-person deposition.

Practice Remote Questioning

When you question someone in a deposition remotely, you don’t have the benefit of watching the witness’s reaction in person. Some attorneys are caught off guard by not having these visual cues. Before your deposition, practice remote questioning with a colleague so that you’re as comfortable with video questioning as you are in person. The same rules that apply to in-person depositions also apply to video depositions, including speaking clearly to ensure accurate transcripts.

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