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Group discussion among business peoples

In past years, attorneys were often forced to travel to remote sites for depositions and to juggle conflicting schedules. Digital technology has streamlined the legal deposition process, eliminating much of the hassle of scheduling and traveling. By taking full advantage of technological innovations for your legal depositions in San Jose, you can free up invaluable time that would be best spent prepping your clients and preparing your case. Before scheduling your next deposition, talk to a court reporter about the technology available to you.


These days, lawyers are more likely to use videoconferencing systems than teleconferencing technology. However, teleconferencing still has its uses. For example, it allows you to depose a witness remotely and eliminate the possibility that the witness’ body language or other nonverbal cues may have a negative influence. For an event as important as a deposition, it’s crucial that you use state-of-the-art teleconferencing equipment; the conference call feature on your cellphone simply will not do.


Videoconferencing is the go-to medium for many lawyers who are deposing remote witnesses. In some cases, a lawyer might even want to present a videotaped deposition in court during the trial. This is especially critical if the witness might not be available for trial, such as in the case of terminal illnesses. A court reporting agency that provides deposition services can give you access to sophisticated videoconferencing equipment that will allow you to conduct the proceeding securely and smoothly. In the conference room, consider having multiple camera angles set up. For instance, you could have a camera pointed at the witness and a camera behind the witness. This allows you to instantly see if the witness is being given inappropriate cues.

LIVE-Depo System

It’s well worth your time to find a court reporting agency that integrates the LIVE-Depo system into their deposition services. The LIVE-Depo system is a sophisticated arrangement that allows all participants to engage with the proceeding in real-time; no more frustrating delays are necessary. The LIVE-Depo system even allows for the creation of real-time transcripts, which can also be shared in real-time.

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