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Transcription Service for Courtroom in San Jose

When your legal case involves complex topics, breaking them down is essential for helping the judge and jury understand your argument. It is helpful to your court reporter in San Jose to explain complex topics clearly so that he or she is able to create the most accurate transcript. When your case involves complex topics, use these strategies to explain them during your court case.

Use Simple Language

When possible, avoid unnecessary jargon and present your argument using simple language. Even if the topic is complex, you can make it easier to understand if you only use the bare minimum amount of technical or industry-specific language in your argument. Stringing together too many unfamiliar terms, even if you explain them, can seem overwhelming. Simplifying your language can make your entire case seem more approachable. If you will be using terms that may be unfamiliar, it can be helpful to present them to the court reporter in advance so that he or she is comfortable with them when you use them in court.

Keep It Short

Complex topics clearly require explanation, but if you take too long to present them, the jury and judge may stop following along. With complicated, dry topics, keep your explanations as short as possible so that the listeners can stay with you. It may be helpful to present this information close to a time when you will be taking a break or splitting up your argument into small segments that can be presented separately to avoid burnout.

Use Visual Aids

Having the complex concepts you’re explaining come to life with visual aids makes them easier to understand and helps to capture the attention of the jury and judge. Legal videos, for instance, can help to illustrate concepts with graphs, photos, and other graphics. The same company you use for deposition services and court reporters may be able to help you create legal videos and other visual aids that can be used in the courtroom to illustrate your argument.

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