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Deposition Services by Talty Court Reporters, San Jose

When you hire a court reporter for deposition services near San Jose, there is crucial information that you’ll need to provide to ensure that you receive a complete and accurate deposition transcript. You can save yourself and your court reporter time and energy by being sure to provide this information at the time you schedule the court reporter’s presence at the deposition. Here are some tips for helping your court reporter prepare a complete deposition transcript.

Provide the Court Reporter With the Case Caption and Appearances

In order to provide you with a complete legal deposition transcript, your court reporter will need to know the full case caption for your case. This must include the full names of the plaintiffs and defendants on the case. Your court reporter will also need the names and contact information for the attorneys for all parties, as well as for anyone else who will be at the deposition. If you are deposing a witness, the court reporter will need the full name and contact information for the witness.

Make Sure Everything Is Spelled Correctly

You will save your court reporter a lot of time and effort by making sure that he or she has the correct spellings for names, places, legal and medical terminology, and any other complicated words that may be included in the deposition testimony. If you do not provide this information quickly and accurately, your court reporter will either have to interrupt the deposition to ask or will have to contact you after the deposition to ask for clarification.

Complete an Official Transcript Order

Most court reporting companies require attorneys to fill out an official transcript order after the deposition is over. The transcript order asks for useful information that will help your court reporter complete an accurate deposition, and make sure that everyone who needs copies gets them in a timely manner. This information may include recipient names and email addresses, the transcript format, how many copies you need, and how you would like them delivered.

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