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If you are currently going through a divorce and your case has not settled, your spouse’s attorney may have already enlisted a court reporter serving San Jose. Court reporters are essential for transcribing depositions so that the testimony of each spouse is preserved for the record. To learn more about depositions, watch this video.

During your deposition, the court reporter will first swear you in. Next, you will answer a series of questions. Your attorney should be present throughout the preceding, but no judge or jury will be in the room. Your spouse’s attorney will then ask you to answer questions about your financial situation and lifestyle. Typical deposition questions include: What are your monthly expenses? How often do you travel for pleasure in a year? How much did you spend last year? How often do you dine out? How much credit card debt do you have? Remember, the court reporter will record everything, and all answers will be admissible in trial.

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