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Legal Deposition by Talty Court Reporters

If you need to take a legal deposition of a witness who doesn’t speak English very well, or at all, you should ask your court reporter about their interpreting services near San Jose. A legal deposition or video deposition will not be very effective if you cannot communicate clearly and effectively with your witness. Your court reporting agency should be able to coordinate and schedule interpreter services for your legal deposition.

Utilizing interpreting services will put your witness at ease, and make the legal deposition process much easier for him. Interpreting services are also available for in-person court depositions of witnesses. The interpreter’s purpose at a legal deposition, court deposition, or video deposition is to translate the foreign language into English and translate English into the foreign language exactly as it is spoken, with no elaboration or explanation.

It is crucial that you secure non-biased, professional, and accurate interpreting services for your depositions. If you are in search of interpreting services, you should hire a federally certified interpreter if the language to be translated is Spanish, Haitian Creole, or Navajo. The interpreting services should be provided in the same regional dialect of the witness.

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