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For major law firms and boutique practices alike, document management is a top priority. Your clients are counting on you for results-driven litigation services. You need to spend your time working on your cases, not trying to find misplaced documents or endlessly shuffling documents back into order. That’s why successful law practices rely on court reporters and a document depository in San Jose. Court reporters not only offer notary services and deposition services; their agencies can also provide document reproduction and depository services.

At a document depository, you’re likely to find a range of duplication options, including duplication of CDs and DVDs for your digitized depositions. A full-service reproduction center will offer Bates stamping since this method of indexing is the gold standard for legal document identification and retrieval. You will also likely have access to a range of binding, document scanning, blueprint duplication, and document duplication options. These services allow you to focus your attention on your clients, not trying to keep reams of documents under control.

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