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Court Reporting in San Jose

Court reporters are considered “guardians of the record” because they capture and preserve every word spoken during court proceedings, depositions, or other legal occasions that must be kept on the record. These highly-skilled, intelligent people have an extensive knowledge of language, the terminology associated with numerous industries, and modern court reporting technology.

The most critical aspect of a court reporter’s job entails capturing dictation in shorthand on a stenotype machine. After completing years of academic study and skills training, they can post speeds of up to 280 words per minute. Even at this incredibly high rate, court reporters must catch every word, with a minimum required accuracy of 95 percent.

Only a well-qualified person can serve as a court reporter, which might make them hard to find. However, this is a service you cannot forego. Take a look at why the court reporting process is so important.

  • Help attorneys prepare for trial: Court reporters sit in on legal depositions to document everything the witness or expert says. Attorneys then reference the transcript to help them build their case before going to trial.
  • Safeguard the legal process: As an impartial third party, court reporters provide the most trustworthy account of a legal proceeding. They get a front-row seat to criminal trials, corruption cases, and high-profile divorces. After capturing the spoken word in shorthand, the court reporter prepares a verbatim transcript of the trial that non-trained people can read. This serves as the official legal record of everything that transpired in the courtroom.
  • Have access to an accurate record during the appeals process: If litigants choose to exercise their right to appeal, they will need to present the transcript to the appeals court. A standardized reporting process ensures every case has an accurate record.
  • Real-time voice-to-text transcription: By using the latest technology available, court reporters can provide attorneys, judges, and the deaf or hard-of-hearing with immediate access to a transcript of what is being said. Special software converts the shorthand on a steno machine into fully written words and delivers them to a computer screen mere seconds after the phrases have been spoken. This technology refreshes everyone’s memory after returning from a short recess and allows everyone in attendance to participate in the judicial process.
  • Influence the outcome of the trial: As long as court reporters are well-versed in all the sophisticated technology available to them, they can make a real difference in the trials they record. After all, transcript accuracy is paramount to the success of any case, and high-quality court reporting services ensure no errors or misunderstandings prevent justice from being served.

At Talty Court Reporters, we utilize the latest technology to deliver the very best results in your legal case. Turn to us for top-quality court reporting and transcribing services, video and audio conferencing, remote depositions, and much more. For additional information about our services, or to request a cost estimate, please contact us today.

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