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Benefits of 24/7 Virtual Offices for Attorneys

As any attorney knows, legal cases don’t follow traditional 9-to-5 hours. To prepare appropriately for depositions, cross-examinations, and opening statements, attorneys need to be able to access case information and take action around the clock. Fortunately, technology makes it possible for attorneys to access 24/7 virtual offices whenever it is convenient for them. When you hire a court reporter in San Jose, find out if their company offers 24-7 access to your files, so that you don’t lose critical time when you’re managing your cases. Here is a look at some of the benefits of accessing virtual offices at any time of day.

Manage Your Calendar

It’s normal for schedules to be in flux when you’re trying a case, so having easy access to your calendar is essential. Whether you need to reschedule a deposition, add a court date, or cancel a meeting with an investigator, having access to a virtual office means that you can update your calendar in real-time so that you’re less likely to overlook important obligations. You can also share your calendar changes with your paralegal, court reporter, and everyone else who plays a role in your case.

Access Case Files

Virtual offices mean that there is no more leaving an important file at work or failing to have access to an exhibit when you need it. All of the information you need to work on a case is at your fingertips whenever you need it, from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Easy case file access means working remotely is simple, so you have more control over how you spend your time.

Handle Invoices

When you’re working with outside services, such as court reporters and deposition video companies, keeping up with invoices means another item on your to-do list that distracts you from actually preparing your case. When you use virtual office systems from your court reporting service, you can view and pay invoices with a few clicks instead of trying to track paper copies or emailed files.

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